Mobile IV Therapy

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Welcome, Beautiful Soul!

We invite you to experience the therapeutic benefits of IV therapy. With a range of infusions to choose from, we’re here to provide your body with the hydration and nutrients it craves to reach a state of vitality and homeostasis.

Here’s why our clients choose us:
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We believe that our bodies are perfect machines that can heal, balance, and restore themselves given the proper support and nutrition.
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We offer you the convenience of IV hydration and nutrition when YOU need it. With our mobile services, we can come right to your home or make your special event even more unforgettable!

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As healthcare professionals with years of experience, we uphold best practice industry standards of patient care and safety. We aim to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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At IV Offerings we understand that every person and body is different, which is why we work with you to find the right blend of vitamins and nutrition that address your unique needs.
Carlee Hieb Nursepreneurs 5-IV Offerings

Choose Your Infusion

We offer a range of IV therapies treatments to help you look and feel your best. Whether you’re feeling under the weather, partied a little too hard last night, need to be at peak performance, desire glowing firm skin or you’re just wanting to relax, we have the right treatment for you!

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Youth Elixir

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Immune support

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Immune Support

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Water Is Life

Our bodies (and our planet) are comprised of 75% water–it is necessary for all chemical and electrical reactions to take place. From nerve conduction and muscle contraction to hormone communication, our bodies need water to function properly.

Feeling sluggish? Hydrate! Do you have dull, wrinkled skin? Hydrate! Have muscle cramps or headaches? Hydrate!

Whatever the reason we’re here to offer you restorative IV hydration therapies and support you in this wonderful journey of living your best life!

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re here to answer all your questions about IV hydration therapy. Don’t see your question listed? Contact us to chat with our team!
How long do the effects of IV therapy last?
The effects of IV hydration vary for each client. Every metabolism and body is different, in some cases benefits can be felt for up to a month or more!
How long are treatments? How quickly can you feel the effects?
Every person is different, but on average you can expect treatments to last for 45 minutes (give or take). Depending on the client, you may be able to feel the benefits of IV hydration on the same day of your treatment.
Do you offer traveling services?

Yes! We provide mobile IV hydration services, so you can receive treatments in the comfort of your home, work, or other location of choice. We service areas from Airway Heights to the Idaho State line and from Deer Park to Moran Prairie. Further travel can be arranged for an additional charge, please contact us.

Do you offer discounts or memberships?

Yes! Our monthly membership is $100 (Rolls over if not used) Member balances can then be applied to your treatment AND members always get a discount of %10! 

Get in touch with us for more details about membership and IV hydration events.


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate

It’s never too late to start living your best life! Contact us today to start looking and feeling like the best version of yourself with IV hydration therapy.